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I’ve had the unique opportunity to attend the Alchemist Training that was created through the Institute of Modern Wisdom by Reverend Kate Rodger.  The Alchemist Training changed my life for the better and has guided me into my life’s purpose.  I learned a great deal about myself and I was able to dig deep into my spiritual life.  The tools, techniques and methods are of ancient healing practices and allowed me to feel into the truth of who I am, of my soul.  YES, this is training for the masculine, for men of our times.  Rev. Kate is not trying to teach men how to be masculine; she is giving men the opportunity to remember the ancient knowledge that is deep within your soul; to discover the true magnificence of who you are as the Divine Masculine, in a balanced way.  I recommend this opportunity to any one who is wondering what else is out there; to any one who wants more out of their life.  To the Institute of Modern Wisdom and to Reverend Kate, THANK YOU!”     --  Jeremy Brant, Fire Captain, CALFIRE

The Modern Day Alchemist program is a hands-on, experiential training that deepened me into my personal truth, my soul's YES!  This is for real!  Any man desiring to tune into the energy of the sacred masculine and peel back the layers of what no longer serves  -  Welcome to the new paradigm!  This is for you!  Love is in full effect!
- John Stuart, DJ, Producer, Author - Chillin Music + 360five
“If you’re finding your path to your greater male self, the MDA Training is an awesome, game-changing experience.  The information you’ll download from the weekends is priceless.  And, you’ll be introduced into a broad community of awake, aware men.  MDA isn’t about frou-frou New Age-isms.  It’s about freeing yourself from old Patriarchal paradigms, and realizing and incorporating the Divine Masculine into your life in a powerful and balanced way.”     --  Dave Abbitt, President & CEO Koda Entertainment, MDA 
"Don’t ask for it to be easier, ask that you are better. Institute of Modern Wisdom is a very clear and high impact way to be better, not through will power and mind but through the power of the heart and the intelligence of the soul as these personal living Guides inform you with the living intelligence that is continuously available. My year on the program has brought me so much closer to myself, my conscious awareness of who I am and how easily, how delightfully I can slip into conscious connection with the Living Presence. I am grateful."
- Sikander Collon Fox, Financial Advisor, MD

"The IMW Alchemist program helped me connect with my Core. My Independence and authenticity have burst forth as my confidence, strength and self love have deepened. I am becoming the powerhouse of Love and Creative Endeavors that time and time again I sensed  was available to me and silently hoped for a break through; I simply needed the precise tools to extract it. This program offered a set of personal practices, based on age old principles and wisdoms. I learned how to let the light in and then... How to Be The Light. I'm learning how to Nourish and Maintain my Sacred Space so my Love, Joy and Power are always available. And I discovered a joyful, supportive awesome community of Loving Friends to practice, grow with and celebrate with. Thank you IMW!"
~ Allen 'King' Scotti, Master Carpenter, Los Angeles, CA
Having been through many spiritual teachings in my path, I have discovered Institute of Modern Wisdom teachings as an incredible gift of empowerment that enables one to access one’s highest potential in life and allows one to see and accelerate one’s evolvement on the journey of spiritual growth...of knowing “Thyself.”  The teachings have inspired me to past through my own hidden barriers and energetic blockages and achieve breakthroughs in my daily life.  You will learn to infuse your body with pure Light and Love, by right thinking and choices….making way through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that may have not been seen or be aware of.  It's the first step to becoming who we truly are as multi-dimensional beings as we start to “Remember.”  I am grateful for IMW teachings and the community behind it as we support one another in this mystical journey of dance called life.
~ Eddie Rodriguez, Shaman, Nuclear Engineer, NYC
  “...this work has actually become my life and it gets stronger everyday....what is so wonderful about Alchemy is that it is taking me/us back home to that space where man truly was free and consciously existed from a place of love and gratitude.   This sort of Alchemy really is the only truly natural way to live.... it is more exciting to experience that true alchemy exists in the re-emergence of the heart space, which this Training has activated for me....”   
-- George Catselis, MBA, Proprietor, Gaia Café
"The MDA program has given me the opportunity for spiritual growth and awakening.  Working with like-minded men, forming a bond and growing a brotherhood, all the while learning tools to help grow consciously.  Stepping into the realm of Modern Day Alchemy has given me the realization of who I am and who my brothers and sisters are".  
~ Frank Fazio, Manufacturer, Greenville, SC

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