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Our Founder & Staff

 “Our wonderful Rev. Kate Rodger’s work - - she’s very powerful – you know that; with Rev. Kate, who has a very transcendent awareness and a very loving heart, she can take a tiny bit of gold and transform lead into gold in order to make that Enlightened Frequency happen… with Rev. Kate, in the midst of your transformation, there’s a lot of gold there to have tremendous Alchemy in your life…”     --  Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, DD, Author, Visionary for the New Age

"I've known Kate for some 12 years now, and let me tell you, she's something - gifted, visionary, and all the rest.  With the ongoing success of her Institute of Modern Wisdom and all the programs she offers, she proves her value to others over and over again. Now, with the advent of the Men's Alchemy Training, you can trust her to continue be an invaluable mentor and an experience guide.  Don't hesitate to join in!"  -- Paul Chirumbolo, MA, LMFT, Author, Guidance To Change Your Life

Our Founder & Key Facilitator

Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c), is founder and spiritual director of the Modern Day Mystery School, Institute of Modern Wisdom.  For over 15 years, Kate studied under the tutelage of visionary Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center, which holds her license.  Steeped in practical New Thought teachings and she has experienced deep immersions with various Indigenous Elders and Mystics from Africa to the Amazon, and the Far East to home, here in North America with Cherokee clan leader, the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.  Kate has been leading world-wide Sacred Journeys and Retreats for since 2002 and is deeply committed to the legacy and intelligence of the Ageless Mystery School practices.  She has been called an “Alchemist of Delight”, infusing humor, wisdom, and mystical union into the heart of each program she offers.  Rev. Kate specializes in the pragmatic capacity of working multi-dimensionally to facilitate the human experience ~ in Animal and Plant Spirit Medicines, with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters, in the Sacred Geometry of Sound, Shamanic use of the Breath, and in bridging Ancient Wisdom Ways of Earth Medicine Traditions with Modern Day practical technologies through the Modern Day Priestess and Alchemist Trainings she created in 2006.  Rev. Kate is deeply committed to Right Relationship, beginning with the Self, extending to All of our Relations.
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