Institute of Modern Wisdom presents:

Modern Day Alchemist Training...

Activate your Magnificence

This November,
Step into a Brilliant Journey of Soul Activation

A Powerful and Transformative year for Creating Deep and Profound Anchoring
of the Potency and True Brilliance of the Divine Masculine that You Are.

  • Activate a Penetrating Spiritual Practice
  • Incorporate Pragmatic and Esoteric Wisdom Modalities
  • Realize Authentic Power, Grace, and Strength as a Powerful Man, establishing a New Paradigm
  • Access your Deep-Seated, very Purpose-full Gifts and Talents that Your Soul is Compelling you to Deliver
  • Experience like-hearted Men in meaningful Community, Soul-Comrades paving the New Way of Possibility and Brilliance
  • Unwind and Step-Out of out-dated, non-conscious belief systems and un-fulfilling ways of Living
  • Create the Life you've Always deeply known was Available, practically; for yourself, your family, your community, and the world

Created for men, the Modern Day Alchemist Program provides the space to realize Freedom and Grace as a way of Life, dissolve the vestiges of Old Paradigm ways, and open to your true magnificence operating in this world with an Open Heart and with the tools to realize your potential.

Remember Who You Are®


This Training, created and facilitated by the wise and wonderful Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c), through the 
Institute of Modern Wisdom, will immerse you in a Circle of like-hearted, evolved, and open-minded men of all Pathways.  With the intention of handing the reins of facilitation over to Teacher Trainer Jeremy Brant, this is likely the final year
Rev. Kate will be the key facilitator of this program.
Four extended weekends - 3 at the incredible Villa Ojai ( in Ojai, CA, culminating with a 4th weekend on powerful Sacred Land in Gore, VA (, will provide the ideal bedrock to fully realize your Soul's Path.
Surrounded by rolling hills filled with forests, ponds and rich wildlife, both Centers are removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday-living, and create potent vortexes of masculine sublimity. All instruction, meals and lodging included
Supported by Teacher Trainer, Vision Quest Leader and MDA, Jeremy BrantOver the past 3 years, Jeremy has been a powerful role-model to participants of the Alchemist programs.  He regularly leads Men's Circles, Young Men's Circles, and has co-facilitated the Awakened Man's Retreat for IMW.  Recently honored as CalState's Fire Captain of 2013, he lives in Oxnard, CA with his wife and son.

Each Weekend Module Begins Thursday Evenings and ends Monday by 2pm.

November 20-24, 2014 ~ Ojai, CA (
February 19-23, 2015 ~ Ojai, CA  (
May 14-18, 2015 ~ Ojai, CA  (
August 13-17, 2015 ~ Virginia (

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